All About Family is COMMITTED to building and strengthening the minds of young people in our communities. One way we have been able to encourage our children is by providing them with general education and the hands-on experience of running a small business. Young people (ages 13-19) will learn the basics of product creation, presentation, sales and marketing, customer service, delivery, back-end processing and accounting over a five week period. By partnering with local organizations we have been able to build and strengthen the Young Entrepreneurs program and provide a fun and educational opportunity for children and their families. Each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion after attending all five sessions.

Young Manners Class:
First impressions are important... even for children. Through the All About Family Young Manners Class, people of all ages will learn the importance of manners in business, community and everyday life. The curriculum for this event is informative and includes hands on practice. You and your kids will learn table manners, cell phone etiquette, response to interruptions, when and why to use thank you cards and more.

We are always looking for families to get involved with the Young Entrepreneurs program and Young Manners Class. If you are interested in participating, volunteering or simply have an idea on how we can improve these programs, please contact us at

Volunteer/Sponsors needed: We are currently looking for a volunteer who can lead the Young Entrepreneurs program in the future. We are looking for someone who has the experience of starting and running a successful business from the ground up. We will provide a curriculum outline and training before taking over the program full time. For more information, or if you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Brian Kelley at